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you texans call up, because this administration was responsible for the annexation of texas. the tylers have a lot of children. >> it is what kept them apart for a great deal of their married lives. john tyler was constitutionally incapable of being out of public office. he was addicted to it so left her at home to run the family, to run the business, and to continue to manage this incredible group of children they had almost from the very start. >> running their plantation would have been how large an operation? >> one of the issues is a are always on the very edge of solvency, so they never live one place more than 10 years. they are always moving around. they own between 30 and 35 slaves, and they are growing wheat and corn for about 600 acres to 900 acres, and that is between plantations. they then moved to the other side of virginia, so they are continuing to try to figure out a way during these striking economic changes to the country and go into what is going on in 1837, to find a way they can keep their heads above water, and with john tyler gone for so long and so o
civic duty for a change, of course. >>> and here we go again with the birther craze. a texas republican congressman blake farenthold believes the house has the votes to impeach obama. he made the comments while responding to a question over the legitimacy over the president's birth certificate. >>> new york senator kirsten gillibrand has inked a book deal. it will be both a memoir and call to action for women to become more involved in politics. financial terms have not been disclosed. >>> and south carolina governor nikki haley will finally announce plans to run for a second term. she's seen her poll numbers slip in recent months. her democratic opponent has already announced plans to challenge her again. >>> and that's your morning's dish of "scrambled politics." >>> and our first look at the weather, i'm joined by bill karins. >> morning. rainy tuesday. i know. nap day. >> well, maybe. >> if we should be so lucky. >> it's not happening for me either. this morning we're going to deal with some travel issues out there for a lot of us. bring the umbrella if it's not raining already. fla
voting rights in 31 states. the justice department is already going after texas to try to test the supreme court decision. does the speech do you think give any momentum to that cause to expand voting rights since she chose this as her focus? >> i think it does. i think you've had a situation where although the conversation around voting, i.d.s it has been on the left primarily and in small pockets in the civil rights community as well. i think hillary clinton brings it into the mainstream in way it hasn't been before, but i also think this north carolina law could also be a tipping point because the argument that conservatives have made around voter i.d. laws has been voter fraud by this rath of restrictions used and signed into law in north carolina doesn't really address a voter fraud which in some ways snolt a problem in north carolina but the idea you're shutting down voting on a sunday and the item you're eliminate 16 and 17-year-olds the ability to register early, it seems to be capturing a wide swath of folks in north carolina can you see folks really looking at these a
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. the name of the team, kicked grass. that's what they said. >>> now espn saying texas a&m quarterback johnny manziel got paid $7,500 to sign 1500 items. the ncaa is investigating if johnny football violated rules. >>> yu darvish dominates in texas, a no-hitter through seven innings. but then houston's carlos corporan gets a home run. for the second time since april, houston spoiling a darvish perfect game. he still gets the win with 15 strikeouts. texas, 2-1, there. >>> oakland's last-minute trade for alberto colapso. the a's down one and then hits in two runs. they pull the fat out of the fire. oakland over toronto. >>> hey, you know, i'm a four-time mvp, two-time champion, gold medalist. why not president of the nba players association? miami's lebron james was considering that but decided no because he can't give 100%, he says. i heard james is now considering the job of king of the world. >>> take you to flight school now. clear the wood. old man on deck. jeans on. who is that? 50-year-old michael jordan with the dunk. what do you think? comeback? >>> i'm a big niners fan but would i do
television. also by mfi foundation, improving the quality of life within our community. and from the texas board of legal specialization, board certified attorneys in your community, experienced, respected and tested. also by hillco partners, texas government affairs consultancy and it's global health care consulting business unit, hillco health. and by the alice kleberg reynolds foundation and viewers like you. thank you. >> i'm evan smith. he's a 35 year veteran of the washington post, widely hailed as one of the most insightful and best source political reporters in the country. he's dan blaz, this is overheard. >> dan dallas, welcome. good on to see you again. >> always glad to be in austin. >> 35 years at the post means that jimmy carter was president when you came to the paper. so wash hasn't changed. >> no, no. exactly the same. >> exactly the same. >> we all still have lust in our hearts. >> everyone gets along. >> a little bit of malaise, but if you can get past that, it's fine. >> then there was a reagan period. >> yeah, a little bit of change and then it came back. you witnessed
♪ dannon >>> six people were killed when a stolen truck crashed in south texas as it was being chased by police. the chase was heard yesterday afternoon north of the city of mission near the mexico border. the truck plowed into three other vehicles at an intersection and a number of other people were injured. >>> and this morning, firefighters are battling a fast-moving and unpredictable wildfire in remote central idaho. the fire was sparks by lightning and it burned nearly 150 square miles. another fire in the south has burned 225 square miles. >>> new york city michael bl called it a dangerous decision. a federal judge ruled that the city's police department's stop and frisk policy illegally targeted minorities. she didn't end the practice, but appointed an independent monitor to over see changes. terrell brown reports. >> reporter: the new york city police department stopped more than 1.5 million people last year over the stop and frisk policy. 87% were black or latino. david said he was 15 when he was first stopped. it happened three more times while he was in college. that's when
population by more than 3,000 over the next 10 years, saving more than $40400 million. in texas investments in drug treatment for nonvie leant leapt offenders and changes to parole policies brought about a reduction in the prison population of more than r5,000 inmates last year alone. in the same year, similar efforts helped arkansas reduce its prison population by more than 1,400. from georgia, north carolina, and ohio to pennsylvania, hawaii and far beyond reinvestment and serious reform are improving public safety and saving precious resources. let me be clear, these measures have not compromised public safety. clearly, these measures can work. it is time for others to take notice. 6 [applause] my policies and i will continue to work. the a.b.a. has catalogued tens of thousands of statutes that impose unwise and counterproductive clathclats radical consequences on people who have been convicted of crimes. i've asked state attorneys general and a variety of federal leaders to review their own agencies' regulations. today i can announce that i've directed all the department of justice comp
, and they pretty good. >> the a's and texas rangers continue to slug it out, finishing a four game series tonight. it was the pefrps -- pitcher battle. casey with the bases loaded, with a one out, and the a's break the tie, but for from a finished. he singled a drive for another run. ryan cook, the relief of dan, who, the final. >>> the raiders are looking for help until all aspects of the game, that means, kick returning, addition no their more publicized needs. after 8 years, josh is in raider camp, and earring to -- eager to show he has plenty left in the tank. the raiders found out firsthand what he could do in 2007. in all, he's returned 3 punts, and 8 kickoffs for touchdowns. >> my passion, my will is so great, that it pushed doubts out of the way. it brought my imagination to life. just my will and desire alone, when your will is so strong, it far surpasses your doubt, and it stretches into your imagination. >> back to the a's they're behind one game, and the texas downed the astros. he gave op a home run in the eighth. see you tonight at 10:00. >>> see you then. >>> a woman is arrested as
're using there. >>> espn noun says texas a&m quarterback johnny manziel got paid $7,500 to sign items. that followed last week's report that the heisman trophy winner had four signing sessions. the ncaa is investigating if johnny football violated rules. >>> hugh darvish dominates in texas, a no hitter through seven inning pes.but then houston's carlos corporin gets a home run. the second time the astros spoiled a darvish game. the catcher even gets upset and thrown out. rangers, 2-1 in that one. >> rangers, still a great game. >>> on monday, the eighth, down by one in the ninth inning and alberto there hitting in two runs. they pulled the fat out of the fire. oakland over tornado, 5-1. >>> miami heat superstar lebron james, should he run for president of the nba players association, mara sfp. >> yes. >> he said no. >> flow. >> james evidently went through all the process. he was considering running for that job. reports say he decided against it after talking with advisers and fellow players. >>> i love this one. take it to flight school. clear the wood. old man on deck. and then, sh
for you now and many parents have web cams to keep young children safe. up next what a texas father said he heard coming from his child's bedroom and this can serve as warn warning to all parents out there. also, one person is dead and cars and homes damage and destroyed. this is a horrible scene coming out of colorado. many scenes like this could be feared for days to come for what's being done to clean up good morning maryland continues in a moment. news time 5:34. so you can get cash back on all your purchases. so you can use your cash back... to follow your dream. so you... can save the day. chase freedom. so you can. >>> a veg story those living in pigtown are angry after the neighborhood is hit by what they say is a pair of burglars. the crimes are so upsetting the neighbors because they say police are slow to respond to the calls and abc2 news roosevelt leftwich is live counsel town-- downtown with more. they are exactly. in fact it's been a week of frustration for people-- they are talking about police not responding for hours. >> reporter: exactly in fact it's been a week of fru
viven en su mayoria en california, texas, nueva york y florida.. cesar ---hoy fue presentado en el pleno de la asamblea de california, take vo ---un proyecto de ley que permitiria que los estudiantes transgenero que van a escuelas publicas de california participen en grupos escolares y ademas usen instalaciones publicas de acuerdo con el genero con el que se identifiquen... ---la medida ab 1266 creada por el asambleista de san francisco tom ammiano, aseguraria que dichos alumnos puedan participar en equipos escolares, utilizar los vestidores, sanitarios y todas las instalaciones publicas sin que sean discriminados... stop open cesar ---la exprimera dama y exsecretaria de estado, hillary clinton, take vo --se encuentra hoy de visita en el area de la bahia... ---clinton llego para aceptar un prestigioso premio que le otorga la barra de abogados americana... ---durante su discurso, clinton insto a la administracion del presidente obama, al congreso y a los abogados del pais, a trabajar juntos para proteger los derechos de los votantes porque asegura que estan bajo acecho por recientes fallo
'll use the other half. more than they used to. starting with texas and continuing presumably with the other states that had had laws blocked by the voting rights act before the supreme court ruling but now feel like they can go ahead. so texas first. maybe alabama. maybe mississippi. maybe north carolina after today. sometimes you use the bully pulpit. sometimes you have the authority to weigh in and stop something directly. sometimes when you lose that authority, as justice department did during the, with the voting rights act case. sometimes when you lose that authority, you instead decide you're going to sue. what is the range of options available to you? and how do you use it? how do you still try to make progress when some avenues toward the progress you want to make are blocked? on the issue of drugs and criminal justice, the obama administration made it a priority to try to reduce the huge disparity in sentencing for crack cocaine versus powder cocaine. i mean, if cocaine is the problem, why be so much more lenient for one variety of cocaine and so much more strict for
arises when a couple married in california or another state moves to state like florida or texas that does not respect their marriage. until we succeed in getting rid of the remaining marriage bans in these states it's clear those governments will not recognize the couple that is married and they will get some but probably not all of the federal benefits they would get if they were living in a state that respected their marriage. at administration has been coming out with guidance on various benefits since the decision came down so we have some answers at this point. it seems pretty clear for immigration purposes, the 70-thre federal government will respect the marriages that were married in any jurisdiction that allows it no matter where the couples live now. federal employees will be able to get spousal health insurance and other benefits if they're legally married in any state regardless where they currently live. same for military spouses. so we have some clarity on some of these issues. the two big ones that are sort out of out standing and waiting for guidance from the admi
in the series and they remain 1 game behind texas in the al west because the rangers beat houston today. the flirt with no hitter for most of the game. get nothing and like it. struck out 15. rob grossman strike 3 off foul tip. no hitter to the eighth. carlos well that ends everything. no hitter. shut out. gone. he gets the win. 2-1 with 15 k. so texas stays 1 up on oak land. at this point adam probably doesn't know who to root for or how long. the a's the rangers. he has been claimed by texas yet again. he was with a most of the year. released august 2nd. he was scooped up because they wanted him except they let him go 3 day later then the the a claim him back on the fifth. well when they needed a roster spot they designated him through seenment and the rangers reclaimed him again today. giants first baseman belt up and down the season up up hay lately and just name the national league player of the week. hits 4 40 last week with 3 double 2 homeers. changed the grip at the plate and seems to be working. >> the perfect photo. winning pose. you know this. lightning bol
fight over closing abortion clinics in texas or something, like a real substantive issue that's been reported on by someone who has talked to people, left their house and met with people, wrote a really good piece. that's next to this story. that's journalism. to me it's not really that come in the end it comes down to pretty basic stuff. you can have things you can talk about and the journalism. does that mean they are not worth reading about? i think they're both fine. i read heavy stories when i want to click on the tabs, but also want to know about what's going on in texas. if it's a bunch of photographs, with funny captions, i love those. we have those, too but it's not journalism t too much as me it s a fun read. it's not that hard to differentiate. i think it's great. betting and what is it? it's like human interest, right? >> if you like those you must check out 20 reasons why john stanton should be on the list of the most beautiful people. [laughter] >> the lady here and a gentleman next. >> i have a question about the archiving of your content. a lot of you are born digital
with a stretch josh donald son scoring in the 9th staying one back of texas in the west because rangers beat houston today which is kind of easy to do. robby grossman foul tipped in the sixth. a no hitter into the 8th. darvish does get the win. funny here, adam rosales probably doesn't know who to route for. he's been with oakland most of the year. they released him august 2. rangers claimed him. he switched club houses they let him go three days later dangers reclaimed him today so he's pack with texas for, i don't know how long, we'll see. he's in the making future plans friday night going to be different. 49ers face alex smith smith was td savor and then, skait goet then, the leader then injured and replace bid collin kaepernick. coach harbaugh expressed admiration. >> it's personal. you know? feel like there is a great friendship there. a lot of histry. you snow he wants to win. we do as well. >> there is a first time for everything. you're right. we never got a chance to hit him. this time, we can. >> that is the guy. >> yes. >> abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hard wire jo
. josh donald son scoring in the 9th staying one back of texas in the west because rangers beat houston today which is kind of easy to do. robby grossman foul tipped in the sixth. a no hitter into the 8th. darvish does get the win. funny here, adam rosales probably doesn't know who to route for. he's been with oakland most of the year. they released him august 2. rangers claimed him. he switched club houses they let him go three days later. dangers reclaimed him today so he's pack with texas for, i don't know how long, we'll see. he's in the making future plans friday night going to be different. 49ers face alex smith smith was td savor and then, skait goet then, the leader then injured and replace bid collin kaepernick. coach harbaugh expressed admiration. >> it's personal. you know? feel like there is a great friendship there. a lot of histry. you snow he wants to win. we do as well. >> there is a first time for everything. you're right. we never got a chance to hit him. this time, we can. >> that is the guy. >> yes. >> abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hard wire join me t
, oklahoma, hasta tennessee, las temperaturas cÁlidas al sur, la otra historia, gran parte de texas, con esta ola de calor, estuvieron cien a 102 grados, en dallas, 102 maÑana, y parte del estado con sectores mÁs al este, por encima de cien, en el sureste, incluyendo la florida, varios dÍas con calor, un anticiclÓn, regalando tiempo y tranquilo, despejado, soleado, y eel evÓ las temperaturas, la lluvia que estuvo ausente en miami pudiera regresar en prÓximos dÍas, la temperatura muy cÁlidas, no solamente texas, todo el sur del paÍs, con temperaturas de mÁs de 90 grados, el noreste, maÑana un dÍa lluvioso, mary, si vive en la capital, philadelphia, y la gran manzana. hasta un 70% de posibilidad de lluvia, una vez que cruce el frente, las condiciones del tiempo cambian, calor de 80 grados, la posibilidad de lluvia, luego condiciones casi otoÑales, de 77 y 86 las temperaturas, el resto despejdo, temperaturas frescas, mÁximas en grandes lagos, de 72 a 75, en el oeste del paÍs. el monzÓn de amÉrica deja tormentas en rocosas, no gran cosa en cuanto a cantidad de lluvia, el calor e
home run to break the shutout and the no-hitter. but texas would go on to win the game, 2-1. this guy is just amazing. >>> here's something yankee fans have been missing all season. curtis granderson. solo shot in the seventh. the yankees won two in a row for the first time, i think, in a month. his third home run of the season after hitting 43 last year. he's, of course, missed most of the season with a broken hand. yankees win, 2-1. what was that face? was that jeter? >> that was disturbing. >> i am just confused. >> red sox fans are not nervous about the yankees this year, are you? >> no. >>> possibility of just a washout day. looks like a tuesday. this will be by far the worst travel day, the worst weather day for the mid-atlantic, the northeast and for even areas back towards oklahoma and arkansas. we're about to get drenched in new york city. heavy rain through the lehigh valley. now moving into philadelphia. d.c. will get some rain on and off all morning long and possibly thunderstorms this afternoon. so airport delays are very likely today. maybe even significant delays. the h
the texas board of legal specialization, board certified attorneys in your community. experienced, respected and tested. also by hillco partners, texas government affairs consultancy and its global health care consulting business unit, hillco health. and by the alice kleberg reynolds foundation and viewers like you, thank you. >> hello i'm llewellyn king, the host of "white house chronicle" which is coming right up. but first a few thoughts of my own. i know the exact time, the exact place, everything about when i became old. it was at an amtrak train station and i was buying a ticket. the lady looked directly at me and said you qualify for the senior discount, don't you? so i looked around to see who she was addressing these remarks to and i was the only person there. then a doctor said to me your knees aren't too bad for a man of your age. another one said we don't screen for that in a man of your age. and so it went day after day, doctor after doctor, situation after situation the dread words for a man of your age. but i want to tell you the final ultimate insult was a dentist who said we
is across the street from a mosque in spring branch texas outside of houston. the muslims across the country who have been seeing this are pretty darn angry. the employees of the shopping center say that members of the mosque are taking parking spaces that are meant for customers, especially during their celebration times, like ramadan or the end of ramadan. the owner of the shopping center says he has no idea who put up the signs. but they have since been taken down. are the signs illegal? they aren't right. they're ugly. it's not nice to say that. but are they illegal? our legal panelists here to sort this out. paul callan, danny sovalos. and we were having spirited conversation about first amendment rights, making the sign and saying those ugly words. and then, of course, discrimination. and civil rights. so danny, where do those two things come together oh are clash, or do they? >> first, after 1964, if you have a company, you hang out your shingle and you discriminate against someone based on their race or religion or any of the protected classes, you're violating civil rights act. the
away from prison building towards rehab centers, and some are red states such as texas. critics say these measures are futile, that they will not significantly reduce overcrowding, but the administration has clearly signaled a start to the process, as well as an end to the tough era that categorized the war on drugs. jane little, bbc news, washington. >> other news, at least 44 people have been killed at a mosque in the northeast of nigeria. it is believed the attackers were members of the islamist group boko haram. they opened fire during prayers. boko haram frequently kills christians in northern nigeria, but the group has also attacked mosques in the past. rescuers are treating a group of 20 condors which were found poisoned in the chilean andes. the birds have a wingspan of anything up to from 3 -- up to three meters. to have died. it is thought they may have eaten poisoned carcasses or drunk water contaminated with an sex a guide -- insecticide. goldtine ohuruogu has one in the 400 meter world and moscow. it took a photo finish to establish that she was one -- that she had won
. >> for you darvish another almost. second time this-year texas pitcher yu darvish flirted with a no hitter. he took the no hitter into the eight with carlos ended the no hitter and spoiled the shutout with a solo home run. darvish got the win but back in april darvish had a perfect game. that would end with a single through his legs. >> a wave of experience has arrived with the rampse. now they can use the rest of the training camp to find out how much they have left. stokely wearing 80 practicing for the first time as he returns to the ravens started his career as a raven back in 1999. spent four seasons with peyton manning and last year as well in denver. clark could practice tomorrow. both players worked with ravens offensive coordinator. stokely looks like he still has quickly and reliable hands and if clark shows the same thing then the ravens have some new options on offense. >> when you look at him, you can see they've been productive. obviously their roles have changed over the years and haven't played as much in certain situations. we have a good blend of different groupings we us
video monitors. but for one family in texas, the parents were not the ones checking on their kid. mark gilbert believes someone hacked the router and his camera. and he says he first heard someone's voice and he went into his daughter's room and the camera moved onto him and he realized where the noise was coming from. what's worst is what the hacker was calling his young girl. >> he said wake you will allison. [ beep. [ brag and -- beep ] and as a father i am supposed to protect her but it's a little embarrassing but it won't happen again. >> he says the hack core see the daughter name on the wall which is how he knew what to call her and the only saving grace was that his daughter allison was born deaf and didn't hear a thing. good morning maryland at 5 begins right now. >> you're watching the station that works for you now good morning maryland. >> new this morning tragedy at a ball park in atlanta. a fan falls to his death find out what police say happened and what they are investigating today. a live picture as we start this tuesday morning our area under a flash flood watch. what
fell to his death in texas, right in front of his son. his mother, connie homer, said her only son larks landscape are and lifelong atlanta braves fan called her during the rain delay, just before his death. >>> caught on camera tonight a 9-year-old boy is dead and family left with lots of questions after the woman behind the wheel of a car plowed into a car full of people. the boy's family was on vacation. the boy's mother and 6-year-old sibling was injured. the woman who hit them claims that her gas pedal got stuck. >> two good samaritans caught on camera. watch as he stops and gets off his bike to help a woman in a whole chair stuck in a rut and this man help as blind man who was walking on the side of a busy road. >>> so, some isolated storm action is possible. we're not quite done with the active weather yet. you see a healthy thunderstorm north of the maryland state line and this particular heavy downpour headed toward the susquehanna may enter northern cecil or harford county toward rising sun, an area that does not need more rain. we have lost some of the lightning. most of
to their elect law, holder calli supreme court decision, wrong. and he is fighting new voter i.d. laws in texas, and north carolina. among others. then, present obama's decision in june of last year, to halt de deportation proedings for the illegal immigrants who came to u.s. back in february of 2011, president decided that defense and marriage act was unconstitutional. instructing his attorney general to noolonger defend the law in court. obama administration ordering centers for disea control to research gun violence, which congress had halted nearly a decade and a half ago, and went around congress to waive the work requirement in welfare ogram, attorney general holder didontrict himself in a substantial fashion, federal prosecutors cannot, and should not, bridge everyase or charge every defendant who stands accused of violating federal law, some issues are best handled at state or loc level. lou: nearly all issues are best handd at state or local level. but the attorney general statements dismiss rereality of a year wrong involvement by the obama justice department in prosecution of george
. the obama family is on vacation in martha's vineyard which i believe is somewhere in texas. how exactly did bo go, however? a british newspaper reported that the obama's dog was airlifted to the secluded retreat. but according to the press pool, the white house dog was not the only one on the osprey that cost a million dollars an hour to operate and takes off like a helicopter and flies like a plane and then melts. >> what? >> i don't know. also on the flight was white house staff, luggage, journalists and a stowaway named "lucky carl." i wonder how he got that name. and joe joe biden's dogs had to join him on vacation, by dash -- dash by -- by. well look. >> oh, well see they boated and they voted. cute. >> gavin, should both obama and the dog be impeached even though this story is untrue? >> because we are discussing it is an example of racism? >> what about when bush took his dog to the hamptons? >> that's true. >> but obama, we have to talk about it. >> and bo is black. >> like somebody else. >> anything negative said about anyone that is black is a racist. >> it is only when you say it
illegals had addresses as far as florida and texas. it is attributed to allegations illegal immigrants for using key praises like credible fear of drug cartels across the border. homeland security is defending the process. eric holder under fire. again this morning a new report from mortgage fraud working group revealed they exaggerated the record on financial fraud cases. in october the doj said it indicted 530 defendants the real number 107 that is an 80 percent difference. more than 73,000 homeowners were allegedly victims. that number was really 56,000. the doj also said they took $1 billions in reality. it was 95 million. that is more than 90 percent off. the justice department says it regrets the errors. this morning there's another benghazi bombshell a lawyer representing one of the benghazi whistleblowers says 400 air missiles were stolen and there are strong fears they could be used to target an airliner. doug luzader is live in washington with the latest. doug? >> good morning. this is one more explosive allegation in the aftermath of the benghazi attack. it raises new questi
. not at the stadium in atlanta. remember the one, involving josh hamilton, texas rangers, tossed the ball up into the stands. a dad reaching for it went right over the rail. the son witnessed it. >> died in front of his son. really sad. this one we don't know the details. it was rainy. a rain delay. that's all the information that we have right now. we don't know what the particulars are. >> don't know if alcohol was involved. one thing they'll look at. >> don't know if alcohol was involved, or rainy, slipped and fell. it is tragic for the man and his family. >> no doubt. the guilty verdict against former boston mobster, james "whitey" bulger, his attorney says bulger plans to appeal his convictions that were carried out in the 1970s and 1980s. abc's gio benitez has the the details. >> reporter: james "whitey" bulger unflinching, justice a long time coming especially for the families of the 11 people he killed. >> after 31 years, after a lot of fbi cover-ups, deceits and lies, we finally have somebody guilty in the murder of my father. >> reporter: a former mobster once said, whitey bulger c
league. in 2011 a texas rangers fan fail try to catch the ball for his son. i am andrew spencer reporting. >> in other bay area sports news. alberto callaspo hit a tie-breaking, to run double in the ninth inning at the oakland athletics game. they end up winning against the blue jays' five-one last my. that athletics have lost six of seven before they arrived in toronto, but they took three of the four from a last-place blue jays. >> the giants, who are sitting in last place in the nl west will now take on washington nationals today in washington at 4:05 p.m. our time. >> here is a live look outside at the san mateo bridge. will be right back. at farmers we make you smarter about insurance, because what you dont know can hurt you. what if you didn't know that it's smart to replace washing-machine hoses every five years? what if you didn't know that you might need extra coverage for more expensive items? and what if you didn't know that teen drivers are four times more likely to get into an accident? 'sup the more you know, the better you can plan for what's ahead. talk to farmers and get
back in 2011 there was a fatal fall at the park where the texas rangers play. in response to that the team, you know, actually raised the height of some of its rales at the stadium. do you know in talking to folks with the braves, with turner field, alina, are there immediate changes planned? i know there's a game tonight. >> there is a game tonight. it's a continuation of the series against the phillies. but as far as we know, there are no immediate changes planned. we have called the team but we have not yet heard back from them. >> okay. alina machado. >>> now some more news in the investigation of aaron hernandez. a dive team looking for the gun used to kill odin lloyd in june. the pond is across the street from pine lake. an extensive search of that lake over several days turned up nothing. hernandez, who is a former new england patriot, has been charged with the murder and has pleaded not guilty. >>> new details today about the rescue of 16-year-old hannah anderson straight from one of the rescuers who found her in that treacherous terrain in idaho. a u.s. marshal th
temperatura bien cÁlidas mas al sur, y esta es la otra historia, dwr parte de texas, han estado cien. 102 grados, y pero gran parte del estado continuarÁ todavÍa tambiÉn alguno sectores mÁs este con temperatura arriba de cien y en el suroeste ha tenido varios dÍas con bastante calor y un anticiclÓn regalando tiempo tranquilo despejado y soleado y eleva temperaturas de forma considerable pero la lluvia que ha estado ausente en la ciudad de miami pudiera regresar en los prÓximos dÍas, y repito las temperaturas muy cÁlidas no solamente texas, todo el sur del paÍs todavia con temperaturas de mÁs de 90 grados y el noroeste la gran historia que tenemos para usted, maÑana un dÍa lluv ottos, todos los modelos indicando si vive en la capital, incluyendo la gran manzana este sistema frontal hasta un 70% de posibilidad de lluvia pero una vez que que cruce el frente las condiciones del tiempo van a cambiar y asÍ que maÑana estÉ preparado y calor de 80° en la gran manzana la posibilidad o de lluvia pero luego, vamos a tener condiciones casi otoÑales al amanecer, todavÍa maÑana en
of clownish situation, that is, texas republican congressman blake farenthold last week at a town hall meeting talking about impeaching president obama. >> if we were to impeach the president tomorrow, you could probably get the votes in the house of representatives to do it. but it would go to the senate and he wouldn't be convicted. what message do we send to america if we impeach obama and he gets away with what he's impeached for and is found innocent? what do we say is okay? >> jonathan, doesn't seem to be important to mention what you would impeach him for. >> right. i was sitting there thinking, okay, what's the crime? what's he accused of doing? and it's unclear. i guess being obama is enough to be impeached. >> but you can sit there and have a very calm discussion with your constituents about this as if it's a perfectly reasonable proposition, and no one's going to contest that. >> no one's going to contest it. it's a perfectly rational thing to talk about impeaching the president. but you know, let's give him points for honesty. he did say it wouldn't go anywhere even if they tried i
three of four from the last-place blue jays. oakland remained one game behind a el--al west leader texas. and >>james: baltimore orioles center fielder adam jobs is moving on a day after tweeting a fan in san francisco threw a banana on to the field near him. he told reporters before monday's game against arizona that the incident was unfortunate that he had bigger things to worry about. the giant issued an apology to jones and the orioles for the fans behavior, but were unable to identify the person. jones, who is black, had homered in the top of the 93 a giants fan told the san jose mercury news that he threw the banana but said it was out anchor at the giants and not racially motivated very >>james: the giants were sitting in fifth in the nl west will not take on the washington national today in washington and 45 our time. [ female announcer ] mcdonald's dollar menu at breakfast. home of the irresistible sausage burrito. and freshly brewed premium roast coffee you love. plus other amazing tastes for just a dollar each. every day. ♪ living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless rec
and will go to court and may even go as far as the government has done in texas and ask the courts to say that because of a history of discrimination that continue, north carolina should have to get permission in advance before making any voting changes. but you can be sure that there's going to be lots of court battles on this. the law doesn't take effect in 2016, so there's plenty of time to duke this out in the meantime. >> pete williams, thanks so much. appreciate it. i want to bring into our conversation zach roth, national political reporter for, judith brown, who's the codirector of the narc advancement project, and sirius xm's michael smerconish. judith, i want to start with you. we have the north carolina governor putting up this video on youtube, not giving interview, but putting up a straightforward clip on youtube to respond to what the law means. take a look. >> let me be direct. many of those from the extreme left who have been criticizing photo i.d. are using scare tactics. they're more interested in divisive politics than ensuring that no one's vote is disenfranc
attacks on the president's race. the recent from blake farenthold from texas. >> unfortunately, the horse is already out of the barn on this, on the whole birth certificate issue. the original congress when his eligibility came up and looked into this. i'm not sure how we fix it. >> you want more? representative ted yoho, a representative from south florida at a recent town hall that he too supports the birther movement. >> if it is truly illegal, he shouldn't be there. and i said i can agree with that but is that the best way to spend our time? >> at least the admitted witch-hunt is a waste of time. it has some republicans what in the world is going on. what happened to the republican autopsy and rebranding that we heard so much about? michael steele is a former rnc chair. joan walsh is the editor at large of, and both are msnbc political analysts. it's not emanating from the rnc, but it does impact the brand. how do you control the bad behavior if you're the head of the party? >> you can't control the bad behavior, be you can certainly special team to it, and you can speak out
, the day the supreme court turned and said that section 4 was unconstitutional, that day texas changed the laws and the attorney general says we're going in to texas. we should say we join hagan. we want you, mr. holder, to go into north carolina. jerry writes why haven't you mentioned anything about the three blacks that beat a 13-year-old on a school bus? just wondering. well, thanks for the question, jerry. what jerry is asking about is this scene. three teenagers beat up a sixth grader on the bus last month. the boy was kicked and stomped about 23 times, suffered two black eyes, bruising, and a broken hand. these three teens were arrested and appeared in court today. now i've heard had some tweets on this, and i heard some folks at fox saying why hasn't sharpton gone down there and marched? because this young man was viciously beaten, it was wrong, but the assailants were arrested. the reason i went to sanford, florida, was they did not arrest george zimmerman. the reason i went to geena, louisiana, they didn't arrest the people. you fight an injustice when the system doesn't work.
. a lot of it has to do with who is affected. one of the attorneys general here in texas and some of the texas airports will be faked as well, but look, what happens if we don't do this? the old model doesn't work. it's been proven not to work, time and time again. if we disallow this merger, then we go back to the same model where airlines are threatening bankruptcy every three or four years. everytime oil prices spike up or the economy soft 's and the next thing you know they're having to renegotiate contracts with their pilots. these contracts have been negotiated and the department of justice, after all these negotiations have happened, decided to come in and say, no. and by the way, this happens in the car industry, the car rental industry, all the time, and nobody says a word about it. so, this makes no sense whatsoever except on a political front. >> neil: i'm wondering, the argument for two carriers getting together, but i find two mediocre carriers on customer service come together, it means that now there's one big lousy customer service company. >> the truth of the matt
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